Village Venture 2018 Vendor Info

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2018 VV Vendor Application

2018 VV Food Vendor Application

When is Village Venture held?
Village Venture is held every year on the fourth Saturday in October - in 2018 it will be October 27th.

How do I get an application?
Applications are available for download on the Chamber website as of May 1, 2018.

What if I was in Village Venture last year?
You will automatically be emailed an application for 2018. Please keep us updated with any changes you may have. Previous participation does not ensure acceptance.

Repeat applicants will be assigned same space as previous year unless otherwise noted.

How does the application process work?
Applications are NOT accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The show is juried and placing will not begin until the middle of August. Incomplete applications will be placed last or may be denied.

 What materials are required with the application?

  • A COMPLETED application with payment
  • A valid copy of your State Board of Equalization Permit
  • A valid copy of Insurance with Claremont Chamber of Commerce named additionally insured
  • Vendors applying to sell arts or crafts must submit (with the application) FIVE 4"x 6" photographs/photocopies that best represents their current work INCLUDING booth setup. Be sure to put a description and price on the reverse side of each photograph.
  • Check made payable to Claremont Chamber of Commerce and postdated to 08/31/2018

Do not send photographs in folders. Do not include samples.

How do I obtain liability insurance?
You are responsible for your own liability and worker's compensation liability insurance.

You must supply the Chamber with valid:
Copy of liability insurance naming the Claremont Chamber of Commerce as additionally insured (required: $1 million per occurrence/$2 million aggregate). If you do not have your own liability insurance, a one-day policy may be obtained through ACT Liability Insurance. Simply check the box on the application and pay the "With Insurance" price. No other forms are needed!

When will I be notified if I am accepted or not?
Notifications will be EMAILED on September 3rd. If accepted, checks will be processed after this date. Entry permits and space numbers will be MAILED out on October 1st.

Who do I make my check payable to?
Please make all checks payable to:
Claremont Chamber of Commerce

I'd like to be a food vendor; what do I need to do?
Call the office or email with "food vendor" in the subject line to let us know what type of food you plan to sell on the day.

The Chamber will obtain a one-day health permit for each vendor
Adhere to ALL Health Department regulations.

Each food vendor must provide space within their booth for the following items

  • Water, soap & towels for hand washing
  • A bucket to catch all waste water
  • Be responsible for taking ALL liquid waste with you after the event
  • The Claremont Chamber will supply 3-compartment sinks with hot and cold running water for the use of all food vendors.

NOTE – this does not exempt any vendors other requirements as listed above

What happens to my check when I send in my application?
If accepted, checks will not be deposited until September 3rd. Your check is held with your application until it is confirmed that you have been accepted for Village Venture. Each year, notifications of acceptance or non-acceptance will be EMAILED out on September 3rd.

What happens if my check bounces?
A $25 charge will be assessed for any returned checks.

What happens to my photos when I send in my application?
Your photos are held for the jury to view until AFTER Village Venture.  Photos will be discarded after the show.

If I have been a vendor at Village Venture for many years and cannot make it this year, what happens to my space?
If possible, vendors will be assigned the same space as in previous years; however, please understand that previous participation does not ensure a space in each year's Village Venture, nor is the same location guaranteed. If you were in the previous year's event and cannot make it this year, your space will be assigned to another vendor.

I do not make the arts and crafts that I sell; can I still apply for Village Venture?
Yes, you can apply; however, you will be classed as a business and placed in the Business & Organization block. Limited space available.

Vendor Priority
ALWAYS GIVEN to Claremont Chamber of Commerce Members. Sales may be made and/or information may be distributed from these booths.

Does Claremont Chamber of Commerce Members receive a discount on booth space?
Yes, they do. Join the Claremont Chamber of Commerce here!

I am a Village Merchant; can I have the booth right in front of my store?
Village merchants who submit an application for Village Venture will be assigned a space as close as possible to their business front. Village Venture is an opportunity for you to showcase items that are normally sold in your stores. Village merchants MUST have their completed application into the Chamber Office by June 15th.

How big is the vendor booth space?
Only the street space that is provided 12' wide along the curb and 10' deep out into the street. Vendors bring all of their own supplies, tables, chairs, canopies, etc. You must also have a type 2A fire extinguisher in your booth. YOU MUST STAY WITHIN YOUR ASSIGNED SPACE. Canopies must be 12' x 10' or less and PUSHED RIGHT AGAINST the curb BEFORE unloading. DO NOT USE space on either side of your assigned area for storage, seating, etc.

What is the policy on refunds?
Full refunds will be given to entries that are not accepted; however, ONCE ACCEPTED, there is no refund.

When is setup and teardown time?
The streets are closed from 6:00 am - 7:00 pm. Setup time begins at 6:00 am. At 8:30 am,  ALL vehicles must be removed from the event area and NONE will be allowed within the barricades.  If you are late, you will have to pull over, unload and carry your items to your booth.

Teardown begins at 5:00 pm and all goods and vehicles must be off the streets by 6:30 pm. Please leave the space as you found it. Clean up all trash in your surrounding area.  Streets open to the public at 7:00 pm.

You must have your Entry Permit for SETUP and TEARDOWN.

What rules and policies must I adhere to on the day of the event as an arts & crafts vendor?
Only display and have available for sale items:

  • you sent photographs of with your application
  • that are for family viewing (this does not preclude nude work)
  • that are handmade
  • work is not to be mass produced, manufactured and/or imported

Please understand you may be removed from the event if:

  • you do not adhere to the above rules as an arts & crafts vendor
  • your personal conduct is deemed inappropriate
  • your work is of lesser quality or differing from the entry photos submitted
  • You obstruct any other exhibitors' space, or hand out flyers outside of your booth space