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The Claremont Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting business through advocacy, education, and access to leaders and community organizations.


Since 1920, the Claremont Chamber of Commerce has been playing a major leadership role in shaping the economic and social growth of the City by encouraging residents and visitors to do business locally. Today, over 475 businesses and individual members continue that tradition of community commitment.

Through the years, the Chamber has developed unique and innovative partnerships between the City's businesses, civic and residential communities, all designed to develop and maintain a strong, safe and viable city.

The Chamber coordinates several of Claremont's major community events and recognizes the outstanding achievements in business by presenting annual prestigious awards.

With a comprehensive range of membership benefits as well as its commitment to the community, the Claremont Chamber of Commerce has built a reputation for excellence and achievement and will continue its leadership role in the years ahead.

The Claremont Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit 501 (c) (6) organization formed to represent business interests within the community. The volunteer membership invests time and money to develop programs that are relevant to members' needs and the benefit of the local community. Like many early California settlements, Claremont's first form of government was the Town Meeting. Although it had no legal sanction under California law, a constitution for the Claremont Town Meeting was adopted early in the history of the town.

The Town Meeting had committees on stores and the downtown commercial area, but it wasn't until December 1908, that an association was organized with the establishment of the Claremont Board of Trade. The Board of Trade was responsible for the first City Plan and enjoyed the same status as a Chamber of Commerce for several years.

In 1922, the Claremont Chamber of Commerce was organized after a campaign by the Los Angeles Chamber. The Chamber's first President was George Griswold.

Chamber of Commerce - Serving the Claremont Community for over 100 Years!
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