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Starting a Business


The Claremont Chamber of Commerce extends a warm welcome to new business owners who are considering the City of Claremont to launch a new product or service, or to expand their exisiting operations.

Prospective business owners should be cognizant of the active and involved citizenry of the community who live in and value the distinctive nature of Claremont’s unique neighborhoods. Many of Claremont’s successful businesses have engaged this citizenry early in the planning process, soliciting the neighborhood’s feedback and support.

The following information was prepared to assist you with the local requirements for starting a business in the City of Claremont.

Here are a list of activities and links that should be considered when starting a new business:

THE CITY OF CLAREMONT  - Before you begin operating your business in town, there are several steps you need to follow depending on the type of business you intend to start. This guide will give you a general idea of the process. It includes information about starting and conducting a business in Claremont and a directory of telephone numbers that can provide assistance to new business owners.

CONSULT AN ATTORNEY - Consult an attorney regarding the legal requirements of setting up and operating your business.

CONSULT AN ACCOUNTANTTAX LAW OFFICE OR TAX SERVICE - Consult an accountant, research tax laws and/or services needed regarding the financial and tax requirements of setting up and operating your business.

CONSIDER A RETIREMENT PLAN OR FINANCIAL GUIDANCE - Business owners should undertake actions to put in place their chosen retirement plan.

OBTAIN A FEDERAL ID NUMBER - A federal tax identification number (also know as an employer identification number or EIN), is a number assigned solely to your business by the IRS. Your tax ID number is used to identify your business to several federal agencies responsible for the regulation of business.

CALIFORNIA STATE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION - The Board of Equalization collects California state sales and use tax, as well as fuel, alcohol, and tobacco taxes and fees that provide revenue for state government and essential funding for counties, cities, and special districts.

CONTACT CAL CHAMBER  - They are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the California business community. For over half a century, they have delivered high quality products that help small and large businesses alike stay in compliance and out of court.

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME (FBN) STATEMENT - Prior to opening a business, a business name must be selected that is not already in use and then registered. Click here for a copy of the form. Click here to go to an internet search of a name. Click here to go to the Claremont Courier's site and contact  the Office Manager/Legal Notices.

CONTACT PUBLIC UTILITIES - among the utilities, of prime importance are power and water. Assess your requirement of such utilities and make arrangement to get these.

CONSULT THE LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT - District Environmental Services (DES) is responsible for ensuring that the food provided for human consumption is safe, wholesome, and free of contamination. DES is responsible for the inspection of more than 22,000 restaurants, 14,000 markets, and 1,900 bakeries and retail food processing establishments.

The IRS web site also has a useful list of information when starting out, click here to read more.


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