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The Claremont Chamber of Commerce and local merchants are partnered in a campaign to increase awareness of the benefits of shopping at local merchants.


Shop Claremont – here’s what you are doing!

Keeping $$$$ in our community
     ⇒ For every $100 you spend at a local business, $68 returns to our community. If you purchase on-line, NOTHING comes back.

You keep creating local jobs
  ⇒ Local businesses are better at creating and sustaining higher paid jobs.

You keep helping the environment
  ⇒ Buying from a local business conserves energy and resources in the form of less fuel for transportation and less packaging.

Your sales tax $$$$ keep helping our city
  ⇒ A percentage of sales tax dollars comes back to our city, and helps to maintain and sustain our community.

You continue to invest in entrepreneurship
  ⇒ The American economy is founded upon creativity and entrepreneurship. Nurturing local business ensures a strong community.

You supported the community
Studies show that local businesses donate to local community causes.

You keep on making CLAREMONT a destination to SHOP at
  ⇒ The more interesting and unique we are as a community, the more we will attract new neighbors, visitors and perhaps even new businesses.

Claremont Chamber Gift Card Program

Cards In Play


Throughout the year, many residents and visitors in the city purchase the Claremont Chamber cards, for family and friends. Each card distributed from our office includes a list of merchants participating in this wonderful program, giving each recipient a huge array of choices as to where they can spend their gift.
  • $10 Value
  • $25 value
  • Over 140 Chamber businesses participating
  • For all occasions
To see where you can cash in your gift cards - Click here!

 We only accept cash or check payments for the card purchases, this is so there are no additional fees to our merchants!

 If you would like to purchase the cards by mail, we can arrange that. More info below. 

Send gift cards to a loved one via mail

Don't live in Claremont and want to send Claremont gift cards to a loved one. No worries, simply send in a check and self-addressed stamped envelope and we will mail it directly to them.

 Here is how:

  1. Write a check for the number of gift cards you would like. Gift Cards come in increments of $10 and $25. Make check payable to Claremont Chamber of Commerce.

  2. Send in a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with the address of where you would like the gift cards sent to.

  3. Mail both the check and SASE to:

  4. Claremont Chamber of Commerce

    205 Yale Ave.

    Claremont, CA 91711

 Gift card mail requests are processed right away and mailed out within the next day. Plan accordingly.

 For more information call us at (909) 624-1681.


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