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The Great Reopening IG

Brand Reinvention & Marketing Strategies

Presented by Randy Lopez, Claremont Chamber, Marketing Strategist

April 14 at 2pm

This interactive workshop will focus on

  • Updating your brand message and focus
  • Focusing on relationships and trust to drive your business
  • Reopening messaging and tactics.

Mindfulness & Resilience

Presented by Kendra Smith, Ph.D., Claremont Lincoln University

April 29 at 2pm

In this interactive webinar, participants will explore the following concepts:

  • Mindfulness: a pathway to Wellness
  • Tools and Practices of Mindfulness taht you can apply as you reinvent your business.
  • What does Resilience look like for you?
  • How to seek Resilience through Mindfulness

Regaining Profitability Post Covid

Presented by Vince Turner

May 5 at 2pm

Reopening after Covid presents obstacles and opportunities.  This seminar presents the components of profitability and how they can be adjusted to maximize profitability.
Specific topics include break even analysis, projections, cash flow maximization and case studies.
This is an informative and enjoyable seminar that requires no accounting background.

More to be announced..

Free to members
$30 - Non-Members

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